The Invention

ball wheels

New on the ball rider is the use of ball wheels and their special steering. The ball wheels have no continuous axis and consist of highly flexible and space-safe plastic. These allow driving on unpaved surfaces. If sand or grass, the broad surfaces of the ball wheels make it safe to drive on it! Because of the special guidance of the wheels on the frame, they bend while driving.

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The large soft ball wheels absorb shocks and thereby protect the back up. The knobs on the ball wheels provide maximum traction on any surface. A modern hydraulic disc braking system slows the ball rider in any weather. A safety brake system guarantees the stopping of the ball rider without a driver. All moving parts are built water and stain resistant to achieve maximum reliability in varying fields of application and environmental conditions.


Alternatively, the
ball rider can also be equipped with an electric drive. As a result, driving in the plains is possible. In addition, it can be driven up to the mountains.

the snow-free season

The ball riding, a new game, a new sport. Anyone can participate, because there is the ball rider LA, the ball rider handboard and the e-ball rider.

seat variant

With regard to the sled, the seat variant of the ball rider was developed.
ball rider LA is driven in a sitting position. The front wheel is controlled by the legs and arms. A special seat design provides for shifting the focus towards the inside of the curve. So that an elegant curve for everyone is possible, even for handicapped persons.

ball rider handboard

standing version

With regard to the snowboard the ball rider handboard was developed.

This ball rider is driven in standing and is controlled with handle. At least one wheel is steered. There is also the control with a kick board, which can tilt forward or back and is steered by it.

electric version

For maximum mobility, it was developed the e-ball rider. Both the seat variant and the standing version can be equipped with an electric motor that is integrated into the ball wheels. This keeps the appearance of the two variants untouched.


use as a canoe

The ball rider is even buoyant and can be used as a canoe. The ball wheels provide the buoyancy. By sealing all moving parts using rubber sleeves, the functioning of moving parts is not impaired.