The Inventor

Ulli Böhme

- Master of Business Administration

- 45 years old
- married, two children
- from Oppach in Upper Lusatia
  (Saxony, eastern Germany)
- Freelance IT consultant and inventor





After studying business administration, I worked four years as project manager for IT projects in a company in the plastics industry.

In the seven years up to now I am working as an IT consultant in the utilities industry, especially for public utilities. Since January 2008 I am a freelance IT consultant. Software implementation and software conversion projects are the focus of my work.


As a father and a homeowner you have obligations, that everyone knows. Since the children are older, you can devote more to their own interests. These have always to do with sports. I'm all-rounder and prefer to do sports in the fresh air. So I have in every season another favorite sport. In winter,  skiing in any form. That means cross-country skiing in the Jizera Mountains and skiing and snowboarding in the Alps. Also the skates are immediately brought out when the ponds are frozen.

In the snow-free season, I usually go climbing. Bouldering is a must every day. And Sunday, if the weather is good, I'm going to climb the sandstone rocks  in Saxony and Northern Bohemia. Especially, the Saxon Switzerland has been regularly the target of our mountain trips for 30 years. Lead climbing, as  the Gondakante, is found nowhere in the world! But the Zittau mountains and the Bohemian climbing areas are ideal areas for climbers.
In summer me and the family do activity holidays somewhere in the south of Europe as Verdon, Beaux, Aix, Ardeche, Finale Ligure, Garda, etc.  For example we do sightseeing, hiking, climbing, biking, swimming and paddling.

At home is still the Nordic Blading (inline with poles) on Scheibesee, Geierswald sea or on the lake Senftenberg on the program. Paddling in the Spreewald is a must in every year, too. Of course biking, too. One of my favorite routes starts at the train station in Bad Schandau and leads us to Decin and on we go up to the "Schneeberg". From there back to Rosental and Cunnersdorf and finally to the Elbe valley.

And in the future's there is the ball riding, too!