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ball rider LA was nominated for Germa Design Award 2013


The German Design´s Council Premier Prize


The German Design Award is the German Design Council's international premium prize. The massive success of the German Design Award 2012 has shown that industry and design appreciate our efforts to improve the communication of what is happening in German design. The positive feedback has motivated us to keep the design competition relevant and up to date by adapting it to the trends in the disciplines as well as the changing needs of the participants.


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Certificate and medal

Exhibition of Inventions 2012 in Geneva, a review

63 925 persons have the 40th Edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva attended. This is a record. 789 inventors and researchers from 46 countries presented just before 1000 inventions - even this is a breaks record!


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Due to the participation of ball rider sports at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva could be made ​​world-wide attention and the ball rider won the gold medal in its category "sports equipment / spare time".

Below are listed links to some press reports about the ball rider: (Dusseldorf, Germany, 04/18/12) (London, United Kingdom, 04/19/12) (Toulouse, France, 04/19/12) (New Delhi, India, 04/19/12)

The inventor in an interview with Reuters at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.   - April 2012 -

interview starts at 1´20 min